Java Python Developer (SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL)

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Java Python Developer

  • Requirement analysis: Participate in delivery projects, participate in the analysis of tool requirements during the digital transformation of Carrier BG, and use advanced tools/technologies, such as BI/AI, to provide the best solution.
  • Design and development: As a delivery tool SE, complete application design and code development based on Huawei delivery IT system or platform services. Work with the development team to solve related technical problems.
  • Implementation and operation: Maintain regular communication with related teams, and be responsible for the reliability (availability, high performance, and recoverability) of delivery tools, support implementation and go-live, and respond to users' help-seeking (training).
  • Have strong learning capabilities. Be able to quickly master the service processes related to Huawei digital delivery and apply them to development and design.
  • Be able to independently complete the design and development of small-and medium-sized software architecture, quickly locate technical problems, and provide solutions.
  • Be able to communicate with relevant technical teams about the solution and promote the implementation of the solution.
  • Proficient in one popular development language (such as Python and Java). Have Python/VBA development experience.
  • Have a good understanding of common database systems such as SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL, and have experience in developing database scripts and SQL statements.
  • Be familiar with BI software and systems such as tableau or PowerBI. Experience in Microsoft SQLserver/Azure Analysis Service development and deployment is preferred
  • Have an understanding of various open source frameworks, such as Spring. Have a basic command of the MVC architecture. Have a good understanding and design of common frameworks and modules. Have strong learning capabilities.
    • Software bachelor
    • ISDP development: Java development experience, familiar with J2EE. Proficient in database development, Oracle or MS SQL SERVER 2000+; manage source code with VSS,CVS,SVN,GIT.
    • Design VBA program in Excel 2013+;
    • Power BI report: analyze and design report or graphic view in Power BI;
    • Make a robot in RAP/Kapow platform
    • Basic Knowledge of project management.
    • Basic Knowledge of Telecommunication principle
    • Excellent competent user of MS tools

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