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Project Management Coach / Project Manager/ Interims Manager / Change Manager / PLM

Profilbild von Andreas Schneider Project Management Coach / Project Manager/ Interims Manager / Change Manager / PLM aus Heidelberg
  • 69124 Heidelberg Freelancer in
  • Abschluss: Academic Degree in Mechanical Ingeneering
  • Stunden-/Tagessatz: 120 €/Std. 1200 €/Tag
    My hourly rate is calculated for each project and depending on the City and region in a country.
  • Sprachkenntnisse: arabisch (Grundkenntnisse) | deutsch (verhandlungssicher) | englisch (verhandlungssicher) | französisch (Grundkenntnisse)
  • Letztes Update: 07.06.2019
Profilbild von Andreas Schneider Project Management Coach / Project Manager/ Interims Manager / Change Manager / PLM aus Heidelberg
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Internationales und interkulturelles Projektmanagement, Programm-Management, Management Beratung, Prozess Analysen, Change Management, PLM inclusive eCAD integration und ERP-Anbindung, smart manufacturing, ITIL-Know how, Industrie 4.0. Projekte in schwirigen Situationen, Beratung zur Meilensteinerreichung
PLM ist ein Unternehmenskonzept, das durch geeignete technische und organisatorische Maßnahmen betriebsspezifisch umgesetzt werden muss. (vgl.Wikipedia)
A Variety Of Projects And Tasks:
2018 Oct -now
Team size: ~20
One R&D One PLM at Schmitz Cargobull
Lead the project into a more effectiv direction and achieve the objectiv faster.
2017 Oct - Oct.2018, Strategy Development
Team size: ~4-20
Project content / Job content:
organize meetings with different clients and discuses possible requirements or needed changes to existing processes and organizations for forward-thinking technology in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management with the following tools ERP, PDM, CAD and other).
2016 May – 2017 Oct, GlobalPLM Project / Program Manager
Team size: ~50 (>3 different teams, 2 External and offshore teams, and internal team)
Project content:
International "Roll in" of different sites and organizations into a global PLM Environment (CAD,PDM,ERP,QS...) with interdisciplinary and multi culture teams. Manage the Change Process, the infrastructure Team and the different PLM Teams.
Tasks: Stakeholder Management, Team Management, Strategy Work shops "how to integrate ECAD into the PLM-strategy", "ECAD Library's", Change Management discuss biweekly the global impact of changes with the teams, kick of meetings for new "Roll In's" and initiate the main tasks like analyses, collecting requirements, consolidation of product data, ERP-Interface, "Sell" the project results to the stakeholder by implementing a "News-Letter".
2015 July - 2016 March, Transmission Producer Untergruppenbach Project Manager
Team size: <10
Budget: < 100k€/Month
Project content:
Data migration form Pro/E (Creo) to CATIA V5 and needed changes to all related processes (mainly PLM)
Tasks: definition of Road Map to model and change PLM Process.
Stakeholder Management, definition of the Road Map to migrate this data, find solutions with the difficult different parties. Support the Teams to organize the necessary changes in the organization.

2014 July - 2015 June, Aarbergen Project Manager
Team size: < 10
Budget: < 100k€/Month
Project Content: Develop SAP-PLM (ECTR) project in strategy of data cleansing and data classification
Tasks: select the supplier for all activities regarding data cleansing and data classification and map this activities to the needed change in the PLM-process;
In Germany only close by Heidelberg.
Germany, Eruope and Worldwide.
Program manager
Project manager
Project coordinator
Change Manager
eCAD mCAD integration
Smart Factory

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